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Links Post 20/12/2016

It has been some time since I last posted links on this blog, even though I still regularly post links on a Twitter account dedicated to that purpose. I also haven’t had an open mic thread for some time. This … Continue reading

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Lent 2016

The following are a few Lent related links from previous years. My (uncompleted) Forty Days of Exoduses series from 2013 Lent, Individualism, and Christian Piety (an email conversation with Jake Meador)

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Different Tendencies in Modes of Friendship and How to Think of Them

Scot McKnight generously published a comment that I left on a blog post a few days ago as a post of its own. I appended a few theological comments to it to provide a clearer impression of how I believe that we … Continue reading

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Feminism, Equality, and Authority

My good friend and member of the Mere Fidelity crew, Andrew Wilson, unwittingly entangled us in a bit of an online controversy earlier today (I have it on good authority that it registered between a brouhaha and an apocalypse on the online … Continue reading

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What’s a Good Question?

I’ve already linked to this post on my Delicious account (you can see the latest five links in the sidebar, or follow the Twitter account where I post my links). However, as it is such a superb post, I wanted … Continue reading

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Links 23 – 10/1/14

Links for the weekend. As usual, linking definitely does not imply agreement. 1. 21. Procreation and Patriarchy; 22. The Economics of Genesis; 23. Plato Against Otherness; 24. The Future in God’s Good Word; 25. Toward Politics 2. From Heaven He … Continue reading

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Links 22 – 3/1/14

Links for the weekend. Perhaps it is also time to remind my readers that linking does not imply agreement. I typically disagree sharply with many of my links, but believe that they are nonetheless worth reading, reflecting upon, or engaging … Continue reading

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Links 21 – 28/12/13

1. On the Incarnation: Four Chalcedonian Sonnets 2. 13. The Serpent Bites the Dust; 14. Glory in the Highest; 15. The Woman’s Desire; 16. The Painful Good 3. Pope Eugen I, Francis on Islam 4. Homosexuality and the Resurrection of … Continue reading

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Links 20 – 21/12/13

1. 9. Evil and the Absence of Truth; 10. The Serpent’s Lie; 11. Excuses, Excuses; 12. Sexual Desire and Justice 2. Church is Mission 3. Inheritance of the Spirit 4. Augustine on War 5. God in Man, Man in God … Continue reading

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Links 19 – 17/12/13

1. 1. When Creation is Not Good; 2. Male and Female; 3. The Biblical Logic of Otherness; 4. The Animal With Logos; 5. “And It Was Very Good”; 6. The Fruit of Wisdom; 7. Adam’s Silence; 8. Adam and Ahab … Continue reading

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