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Rethinking Israel

The Theopolis Institute has been having a conversation surrounding the identity and future of Israel over on its website. Theopolis Conversations are designed to explore complex yet important issue from different perspectives with various positions in sharpening dialogue. I’ve just … Continue reading

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Video: Being Born Again, Baptism, and the Subjective and Objective Work of the Spirit

Today’s questions: What is your understanding of what regeneration, being born again, and the new birth mean in Scripture? And how do common contemporary Christian understandings align or deviate from what Scripture means by these things? And: Really quick follow-up, … Continue reading

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Video: Peter Leithart and Me on Baptismal Efficacy

Today’s question: I just finished Leithart’s The Priesthood of the Plebs. It was one of the most stimulating books I have read in a long, long time. I also have recently watched some of your videos on baptism. How does … Continue reading

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Does Creedal Orthodoxy Require Traditional Sexual Ethics?

The Davenant Institute have just released a booklet written by me, on the relationship between sexual ethics and Christian orthodoxy. You can read it here and subscribe to future Davenant Digests here. This Davenant Digest, like other Davenant Digests, is available … Continue reading

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Video: What Does Jesus Mean When He Speaks About Being Born Again?

Today’s question: “What’s your reading of the Nicodemus story in John 3? Why does Jesus tell him that he must be born again, and what does that mean?” If you have any questions for me, please leave them on my Curious … Continue reading

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Video: How Does Genesis Anticipate Later Redemptive History?

Today’s question: “I loved your observations on how Gen 12-14 traces out the history of Israel (in advance of that history!). Fascinating stuff! Could you kindly elaborate some more on that? For example, is Sarai representative of Israel in Egyptian … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Table

My latest Politics of Scripture post has just been published. Jesus’ teaching involves, as Hays recognizes, a rehearsal for the manners of the inbreaking kingdom. Rather than currying favor with their rich neighbors and adopting the manners of their regional … Continue reading

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