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Devilish Diversions

I have posted a reflection on Luke 4 over on the Political Theology blog. Within it, I discuss the ways in which the devil sought to divert Christ from his mission and how Luke’s framing of the temptations of Christ … Continue reading

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Lent 2017

As is my usual Lenten practice, I will be paring down my use of online media to a minimum over the next few weeks. I won’t be commenting or posting links (either here or on my Twitter links account), won’t … Continue reading

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The Politics of the King’s Donkey

I’ve just posted over on Political Theology Today, discussing the Lukan narrative of Christ’s Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem: Indeed, the signs of the establishment of the kingdom and of Saul as king given by Samuel correlate remarkably with the signs that … Continue reading

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Lent 2016

The following are a few Lent related links from previous years. My (uncompleted) Forty Days of Exoduses series from 2013 Lent, Individualism, and Christian Piety (an email conversation with Jake Meador)

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A Conversation on Lent, Individualism, and Christian Piety

My friend Jake Meador and I had a wide-ranging e-mail conversation over the last few days. It was posted on Mere Orthodoxy earlier today. It is lengthy, but worth checking out. The following are a few quotations from our discussion to … Continue reading

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Samson on the Cross: A Good Friday Reflection

In my recent post on the subject of exodus in 1 Samuel 1-7, I observed the way that the narrative explores themes of strength and weakness. At the battle of Aphek, the Ark of the Covenant, which was supposed to … Continue reading

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The Crusade of the Lost Ark – 40 Days of Exoduses (22)

A Barren Woman Our last study concluded with Israel having crossed the Jordan and destroyed the city of Jericho. At this point we jump forward in biblical history, leaving the rest of the book of Joshua and skipping the books … Continue reading

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