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Video: What is the Biblical Theological Significance of Melchizedek?

In my latest video I answer this question: ‘Why is Melchizedek so important to the author of Hebrews? What’s the biblical-theological significance of Jesus being a priest after the order of Melchizedek?’ If you have any questions, please leave them … Continue reading

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Video: The Chronology of Genesis 38

This is probably my last video for a month or so. Within it, I discuss the difficult chronology of Genesis 38. I’ve written a lengthy post here, which gets into some of the typology of the chapter in its context. … Continue reading

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Video: Ruth the Moabitess and the Moabite Women of Nehemiah

Today’s question (edited for spelling and clarity): “Having recently read both Ruth and Nehemiah, I was struck by the very different ways they relate to the recurring entanglement of Moabite women and Israelite men. Nehemiah seems to replay the old … Continue reading

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Video: Why is it the Man rather than the Woman who Leaves Father and Mother in Genesis 2:24?

The second installment in my daily answers to questions…

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Video: Does Jacob’s Wrestling with the Angel Prefigure Christ’s Death?

I had a quarter of an hour to spare earlier today, so started to answer the questions that had been sent to me. I’ll try to answer one a day, for the next week or so. Keep the questions coming! … Continue reading

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The Strangeness of the Modern Mind

The question of how things that were once inconceivable can become conventional and even majority viewpoints is one we far too infrequently ask ourselves. How is it possible, for instance, that the norm of marriage as a male-and-female institution is … Continue reading

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Podcast: Translating Genesis 1-11, with Samuel Bray and John Hobbins

On this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek and I were joined by John Hobbins and Samuel Bray, who have just produced a ‘new old translation’ of Genesis 1-11. The translation itself is great, but the notes and commentary upon it … Continue reading

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