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Podcast: On Lent, with Steven Wedgeworth

This week on Mere Fidelity, Derek, Matt, and I are joined by our friend Steven Wedgeworth for a discussion of the subject of Lent, developing out of a Twitter discussion for which Keith Miller is responsible. Should we celebrate Lent? … Continue reading

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Podcast: Reviving the Worship Wars

On this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek, Matt, Andrew, and I discuss the place that music and song have within our worship as the Church. We explore the divisive character of music in the Church, its proper telos, and how we … Continue reading

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The Politics of Cosmic Praise

I’ve just posted a reflection on Psalm 148 over on the Political Theology Today blog. The unifying telos of the entire cosmic, animate creatures and inanimate bodies alike, is the worship of YHWH. Where William Paley imagined the world as … Continue reading

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A Musical Case For Typological Realism Part 2

The second of my four part series on music and typology was published over on the Theopolis Institute yesterday (see part 1 here). Music’s revelation of the potential goodness and beauty of transience and finitude can offer helpful new ways … Continue reading

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Podcast: Preston Yancey

On this week’s Mere Fidelity, Derek, Matt, and I were joined by Matt’s friend Preston Yancey to discuss his recent book, Out of the House of Bread. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Memorial

I have guest posted over on Political Theology Today, on the subject of Maundy Thursday, the Passover, and the memorial meal. This combination of historical memory and eschatological hope in the celebration of the Eucharist—the Christian Passover—is exhibited at various … Continue reading

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Podcast: What is Appropriate in Worship?

This week we had a podcast time and subject lined up, but Matt wasn’t around and Derek couldn’t make it at the very last moment. Andrew has been in some conversations about whether dancing has a place in churches and … Continue reading

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