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Podcast: Hospitality and Immigration, with Dr. Matthew Kaemingk

This week on Mere Fidelity, Derek, Matt, and I are joined by Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, the author of the recent Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in an Age of Fear, to discuss his book. You can also follow the podcast on … Continue reading

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Priest, King, Prophet

While it is very far from the most articulate or well-ordered treatment of the subject (like the rest of my videos it is done without any notes or preparation, off the top of my head), the following is a brief … Continue reading

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Podcast: ‘Take Heart’ with Matt Chandler

On this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek, Andrew, and I are joined to discuss Take Heart, the recently published book he wrote with David Roark. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. Listen to past … Continue reading

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Can We Just Be Friends?—Some Reflections on the Graham Rule

The following are some rough and random thoughts on the Graham/Pence Rule, which, in response to the allegations made against Bill Hybels and others, is being discussed again.   1. Although it isn’t a position that I have encountered that … Continue reading

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My Writing on Jordan Peterson

Over the last few weeks and months, many thousands of people have visited my blog to read my various reflections on Jordan Peterson. Any long term follower of this blog shouldn’t be at all surprised that Peterson and the phenomena … Continue reading

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Discourse in the Culture Wars and the Hunger for Catharsis

This is just the fucking worst. Imagine a self-help book written by the Darth Maul of tenured campus bad boys, an act of trahison des clercs so severe that it calls into question the entire five-thousand-year academic project—a book that … Continue reading

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Understanding Jordan Peterson

“A man who disbelieved the Christian story as fact but continually fed on it as myth would, perhaps, be more spiritually alive than one who assented and did not think much about it.”—C.S. Lewis Who Is Jordan Peterson? A couple … Continue reading

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