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What’s a Good Question?

I’ve already linked to this post on my Delicious account (you can see the latest five links in the sidebar, or follow the Twitter account where I post my links). However, as it is such a superb post, I wanted … Continue reading

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The Value of Arguing Without Changing Our Minds

Derek Rishmawy just posted a great Oliver O’Donovan quotation over on his blog (from the superb Self, World, and Time: Ethics as Theology Volume 1, which I have also been enjoying lately), within which O’Donovan observes the benefits of arguing even when … Continue reading

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Links and Jottings 2

Having a lot of half-formed thoughts prompted by various articles in my mind at the moment, I thought that I would quickly post a few of them here, along with some interesting links. 1. David Brooks writes about the crisis … Continue reading

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Links and Jottings

Having not blogged much here for a little while, I thought that I would quickly post a few miscellaneous links and thoughts. I regularly post links in my Delicious account, which is linked in my sidebar (more general and less … Continue reading

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Tertullian on Male Grooming

If it is true, (as it is,) that in men, for the sake of women (just as in women for the sake of men), there is implanted, by a defect of nature, the will to please; and if this sex of ours acknowledges to itself deceptive trickeries of form peculiarly its own—(such as) to cut … Continue reading

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Writing and the Lives of Theologians

…to be a Christian is not something you do alone. Our lives are possible only because of what others make of them. As theologians, we must say more than we can be in the hope that others will make us … Continue reading

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Žižek on the Meta-Choice of Western Multiculturalism

In the course of commenting on Archbishop Rowan Williams’ position on sharia law in the UK in his latest book, Living in the End Times, Slavoj Žižek remarks: [T]he moment a woman wears a veil as the result of her … Continue reading

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Forgetting What We Read

Although I had rather a long break from formal blogging, I wrote a lot in various other contexts during my absence, and thought that I might as well occasionally post something that I come across in some random and neglected … Continue reading

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Marilynne Robinson on What Literature Owes the Bible

Thanks to Jason Goroncy for alerting me to this wonderful article by Marilynne Robinson, the author of Gilead. Literatures are self-referential by nature, and even when references to Scripture in contemporary fiction and poetry are no more than ornamental or rhetorical — indeed, … Continue reading

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The Cancelled Question Mark

Great quotation from John Milbank: People who fondly imagine themselves the subjects of their ‘own’ choices entirely will, in reality, be the most manipulated subjects, and the most incapable of being influenced by goodness and beauty. This is why, in … Continue reading

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