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Links Post 25/02/17

Links from the last week. This will be the last such post for a while, as I won’t be posting any over Lent. Putting Work in Its Place. An immensely stimulating discussion of the current problems with work in the … Continue reading

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Links Post 18/02/17

Links from the last week.   ‘The Great Shame of Our Profession’. Brilliantly scathing piece on an immensely important issue: You have asked me to speak to you today about literary criticism, and so we might note that the conditions … Continue reading

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Links Post 11/02/17

Links from the last week. The question of America’s identity has obviously been a live one over the last few months. David Brooks writes: In that story, America is placed at the vanguard of the great human march of progress. … Continue reading

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Matt Lee Anderson on Being Pro-Life

My friend and fellow Mere Fidelity cast member Matt Lee Anderson had a piece on the subject of the pro-life focus on abortion over on Vox. It is well worth your time. The following are a few selected quotations: But … Continue reading

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Links Post 4/02/17

Links from the last week. Fr Aidan Kimel quotes an interview with Oliver O’Donovan on subjects such as preaching politically: It is less important that those who hear you should concur in your conclusions than that they should respond positively … Continue reading

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Links Post 28/01/2017

Links from the past week. How To Overcome Political Irrationality About Facts: In other words, curiosity seems to be the pin that bursts our partisan bubbles, allowing new and sometimes uncomfortable information to trickle in. Nothing else works like curiosity … Continue reading

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Links Post 21/01/2017

Some links from the past week. John Milbank: What Liberal Intellectuals Get Wrong About Transgenderism So two controversial points about transgenderism follow from this. First, that we are not talking here about simply the discovery of “another” minority condition that … Continue reading

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