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The Davenant Institute

Thinking about Gender

1. The Challenges of Gender in the Twenty-First Century

2. What is Masculinity?

3. Getting Beyond Headship Battles: Male and Female in Scripture


The Bible and Ethics

1. Is Biblicism Bad?

2. Is Ethics Part of Orthodoxy?

3. Are Sexual Ethics Part of Orthodoxy?

4. Do We Need an Ecumenical Council on Homosexuality?


Response to Iain Provan on defending Protestant hermeneutics

Introduction to Protestant Wisdom Course


How Should Christians Think About Social Media?

What Should Christians Think About Jordan Peterson?


The Theopolis Institute

Jesus is the New Adam, Israel, and David

The Typological Background of New Testament Characters

A Biblical Theology of Circumcision

Jesus and Women in the Gospels




Baptism and the Body
L’Abri England, 26th May 2017

Male and Female He Created Them: Genesis 1-3 and the Meaning of the Sexes
The Davenant Institute, 12th August 2017

10 Things You Should Know About Exodus
Friends of L’Abri, Birmingham, Alabama, 10th March 2018

Exodus as New Birth
New St Andrews, Moscow, Idaho, 23rd March 2018

From Gutenberg to YouVersion: The Word of God and the Technology of the Word
The Davenant Institute, 23rd March 2018

Theology of the Sexes
Lecture series delivered at the Theopolis Institute, March 12th-16th. Seventeen lectures and two question and answer sessions.

Interview for Andrew Klavan Show
I discuss same-sex marriage.

Seeing the Transfigured Word
L’Abri England, 6th July 2018

Virtue in a Virtual Society
L’Abri England, 5th October 2018

Why Are Christians so Hung Up About Sex?
Church of Our Savior Oatlands, Leesburg, VA, 11th October 2018

Echoes of Exodus
Chapel of the Cross, Dallas, TX, 11th January 2019




Interview and discussion of Through New Eyes with WordMP3




Christianity Today’s Quick to Listen

Do Women Fighters Undermine the Bible’s Understanding of Gender?


Tony Reinke Podcast

Going For Depth in the Digital Age


The Theopolis Podcast

Echoes of Exodus


Ask Pastor John

What Can We Learn From The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon?