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Pentecost as Ecclesiology

There is an article of mine in the latest edition of Ad Fontes, in which I argue that Luke’s account of the Day of Pentecost in Acts 2 offers us an ecclesiology in nuce. You can subscribe to the digital … Continue reading

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Podcast: Richard Hooker

For some time I’ve wanted to discuss Richard Hooker on the podcast, not least because we seldom speak about the continuing importance of figures from church history on Mere Fidelity. This week, while the other crew members were away, I … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Collapse of American Protestantism

I’ve written a piece for The Gospel Coalition on the collapse of American Protestantism and what we should be braced for in the future. It’s also noteworthy that almost all the Christian intellectuals Jacobs discusses, whether historic or contemporary, belonged … Continue reading

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The Social Crisis of Distrust and Untruth in America and Evangelicalism

In the second of the Republican presidential debates, the issue of vaccines was raised. Donald Trump presented an anecdotal case for an association between vaccines and autism, brashly dismissing the general medical consensus on the matter. Repeating claims he had … Continue reading

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The New Storytellers

I’ve just uploaded a new e-book, on the subject of the popularity of first person narratives written by younger Christians. I examine the shape and source of the phenomenon and offer some thoughts in response to it. One important recent … Continue reading

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One Reason Why John Stott’s Stand Against Martyn Lloyd-Jones Mattered

A couple of days ago, Justin Taylor published an interview with the Rev Dr Andrew Atherstone, upon the fiftieth anniversary of a pivotal event in English evangelical history. At the National Assembly of Evangelicals on October 18, 1966, two of … Continue reading

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Rebuilding the Fallen Walls of Evangelicalism—Further Reflections on Evangelical Identity

In my last post, I suggested that the time may have come for American Christians to abandon ‘evangelicalism’ (see Alan Jacobs’ thoughtful response). Within this post, I want to take a step back and offer a framework for thinking about … Continue reading

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