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Video: Why Did Satan Enter into Judas to Betray Jesus if He Knew the Cross Would Defeat Him?

Today’s question: “How should we understand Satan entering into Judas and his ensuing plan to betray Jesus (Luke 22:3-6)? The wilderness temptations, the rebuke of Peter (Matt. 16:21-23), Christ’s agony in the garden, and even the calls to him to … Continue reading

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Video: Should the Lord’s Supper Have a Sombre Tone?

Today’s question: “I am wondering about your take on whether the Lord’s supper should be a somber event of introspection or a joyous meal of celebration. My understanding is that throughout church history it has been observed more as a … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Pursuing God

This week Derek and I were joined by our friend Joshua Ryan Butler to discuss his new book, The Pursuing God. Josh is great, his book is great, and we had a great time catching up with him. Our previous … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Memorial

I have guest posted over on Political Theology Today, on the subject of Maundy Thursday, the Passover, and the memorial meal. This combination of historical memory and eschatological hope in the celebration of the Eucharist—the Christian Passover—is exhibited at various … Continue reading

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Podcast: Sacrifice

On Mere Fidelity this week, Derek, Matt, and I discuss Moshe Halbertal’s book, On Sacrifice. I recommend Halbertal’s book very highly. Do share your thoughts in the comments. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Cross in the Gospels

This week’s Mere Fidelity podcast is on the subject of the cross in the gospel. Derek, Matt, Andrew, and I discuss the question of whether the gospels have a doctrine of the atonement and, if they do, what it looks … Continue reading

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Podcast: On the Atonement

I didn’t take part in this week’s podcast. However, in my and Andrew’s absence, Matt and Derek are joined by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry and Adam Johnson for a stimulating discussion on the subject of the doctrine of the atonement. Do take the … Continue reading

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The Politics of Sacrifice

I have just guest posted over on the Political Theology blog: Various myths have been forged to account for the foundation of nations, not only in stories such as those of Romulus and Remus, but also in the famous myths … Continue reading

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#Luke2Acts—Some Notes on John 14 to 21

The Twitter #Luke2Acts Bible study has just reached the final chapter of John. I have written notes from the beginning of Luke. The full list of Luke posts is found here. The full list of John posts is found here. JOHN … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Goat for Azazel

The following is a long excursus from my previous post on the meaning of Mark’s account of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. As it grew longer, I decided to remove it from that piece and post it separately. Joey Cochran … Continue reading

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