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Video: Ruth the Moabitess and the Moabite Women of Nehemiah

Today’s question (edited for spelling and clarity): “Having recently read both Ruth and Nehemiah, I was struck by the very different ways they relate to the recurring entanglement of Moabite women and Israelite men. Nehemiah seems to replay the old … Continue reading

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Video: Exegesis, Authorial Intention, and Typology

Today’s question: “Is the task of exegesis limited to discovering the author’s original intention, or can meaning somehow overflow intention? If so, in what way? What guardrails are in place that would enable us to recognize certain readings as off-limits? … Continue reading

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Video: The Threefold Personhood of God

Today I answer a question about the classical doctrine of the Trinity. There is much that I’d love to say more clearly or carefully than I do in this video, or to elaborate upon further, so feel free to send … Continue reading

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Video: Does Jacob’s Wrestling with the Angel Prefigure Christ’s Death?

I had a quarter of an hour to spare earlier today, so started to answer the questions that had been sent to me. I’ll try to answer one a day, for the next week or so. Keep the questions coming! … Continue reading

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Video: Calling for Questions!

I’ve just made the following video inviting people to send me any questions that they might have. If you have any biblical theological questions, you can leave them in the comments of the video, in the comments here, send me … Continue reading

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Questions and Answers on my ‘Strong Female Character’ Trope Article

  Someone drew my attention to a bit of a brouhaha that has been going on over on Twitter about an article I wrote a year and a half ago, in which I questioned the trope of the ‘strong female character’. … Continue reading

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Top Ten Curious Cat Questions

It is nearly a month since I took a break from Curious Cat. Out of my own curiosity, I just checked my blog hits to see which of my Curious Cat questions received the most traffic from this site. Obviously, … Continue reading

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