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The Politics of Sacrifice

I have just guest posted over on the Political Theology blog: Various myths have been forged to account for the foundation of nations, not only in stories such as those of Romulus and Remus, but also in the famous myths … Continue reading

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#Luke2Acts—Some Notes on John 14 to 21

The Twitter #Luke2Acts Bible study has just reached the final chapter of John. I have written notes from the beginning of Luke. The full list of Luke posts is found here. The full list of John posts is found here. JOHN … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Goat for Azazel

The following is a long excursus from my previous post on the meaning of Mark’s account of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. As it grew longer, I decided to remove it from that piece and post it separately. Joey Cochran … Continue reading

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Samson on the Cross: A Good Friday Reflection

In my recent post on the subject of exodus in 1 Samuel 1-7, I observed the way that the narrative explores themes of strength and weakness. At the battle of Aphek, the Ark of the Covenant, which was supposed to … Continue reading

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The Cup of the Adulteress: Understanding the Jealousy Ritual of Numbers 5

The ritual of jealousy in Numbers 5:11-31 is a law that disturbs and perplexes many people. Many regard it as if it were some bizarre and ridiculous process lying somewhere between a superstitious magical ceremony, a Jeremy Kyle paternity test, … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Doctrine of the Atonement in the Early Greek Fathers

The following post is a contribution to an ongoing conversation on the subject of the doctrine of the atonement. The goal of this conversation is not that of arguing for one single doctrine of atonement, but of having the chance … Continue reading

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