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Podcast: Hillsong

In our latest podcast, Matt, Derek, and I discuss this recent article about Hillsong NYC. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. Listen to past episodes on Soundcloud and on this page on my blog. *WE ARE CURRENTLY … Continue reading

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Podcast: Animals

For this week’s Mere Fidelity episode, Matt Lee Anderson, Andrew Wilson, and I are joined by our friend Karen Swallow Prior (the author of the recent biography of Hannah More, Fierce Convictions). We discuss the recent evangelical statement on the welfare … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Refugee Crisis

On the latest Mere Fidelity podcast Matt Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson and I discuss the current refugee crisis facing Europe. I recently wrote a piece on the subject for Reformation21. My article provoked a lot of conversation, being discussed … Continue reading

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Too Long; Didn’t Read

About a couple of weeks ago, Matt Lee Anderson posted a 5,000 word piece over on Mere Orthodoxy, ‘The Distortions of Progressive Christians: How Religious Liberty is in Danger’. It was a characteristically thoughtful post: Matt carefully and methodically constructed … Continue reading

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How the Internet Has Brought Us Too Close Together (and the Wisdom of Trolls)

A couple of days ago, Scot McKnight posted on the subject of ‘crowdpounding’ and ‘crowdaffirming’, remarking upon the treatment of both Ellen Pao (Reddit’s Former CEO) and Julie Rodgers. McKnight traces these phenomena back to the underlying dynamic of ‘groupthink’: … Continue reading

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Our Culture of Reading and the End of Dialogue in the Internet Age

Matt Lee Anderson has a typically perceptive essay over at Mere Orthodoxy on the subject of our habits of reading in the Internet Age and how these are unconducive to reflective and receptive dialogue. He writes: I suggested above that a … Continue reading

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Matt Lee Anderson on Gay Marriage

My friend and fellow Mere Fidelity participant, Matt Lee Anderson, has published a lengthy article in which he presents a case for his opposition to same sex marriage. Matt’s argument is almost certainly not one that you will have heard … Continue reading

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Davenant Latin Institute

I have mentioned the great work of my friends at the Davenant Trust on my blog before. They have recently started a new venture that I am very excited to tell you all about. The Davenant Latin Institute has been … Continue reading

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Podcast: Our Culture of Public Shaming

The latest Mere Fidelity podcast has gone online. This week, Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, Matt Lee Anderson, and I discuss the contemporary culture of public shaming. We take our starting point in Jon Ronson’s New York Times Magazine article, ‘How … Continue reading

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Podcast: Should We Hope To Die At 75?

The latest episode of Mere Fidelity has just been posted. This week Derek, Matt, and I discuss a Christian attitude towards mortality in a culture driven by the fear of death. The starting point for our discussion is Ezekiel Emanuel’s … Continue reading

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