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The Rite of Circumcision: A Response to Dru Johnson

A piece of mine has just been published over on the Theopolis Institute’s website, in which I respond to an article by Dru Johnson. Johnson’s article argues for a close relationship between moral and ritual knowledge and I explore the … Continue reading

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Video: What Is Paul’s Allegory of Sarah and Hagar About?

Today’s question: “Why does Paul say that Sarah and Hagar represent two covenants in Galatians 4:21-31? Where can we see this reality in the Old Testament?” Within the video, I recommend a two–part article by James Jordan. I explore some … Continue reading

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The Strangeness of the Modern Mind

The question of how things that were once inconceivable can become conventional and even majority viewpoints is one we far too infrequently ask ourselves. How is it possible, for instance, that the norm of marriage as a male-and-female institution is … Continue reading

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Podcast: John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift

On the latest Mere Fidelity, Andrew, Derek, Matt, and I talk about the recent book that has been causing a stir in the field of Pauline theology, John Barclay’s Paul & and the Gift. I reviewed the book for Reformation21 … Continue reading

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Review of John Barclay’s Paul & the Gift

I have reviewed John Barclay’s outstanding new book, Paul & the Gift, over on Reformation21. This anthropological treatment of ancient and modern understandings of gift paves the way for Barclay’s central thesis: gift/grace is a concept that can legitimately be … Continue reading

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Hagar and Ishmael, the Forerunners in the Wilderness – 40 Days of Exoduses (7)

Interwoven Narratives and Archetypes In the studies to this point, I have skipped a number of sections, which I mean to return to at this point. From Genesis 15 to 22 the story of Abraham and Sarah and the promise … Continue reading

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