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Video: A Biblical Theology of the Household

The following video is an answer to a Curious Cat question, an over-ambitious attempt to answer a huge question that deserves detailed analysis off the top of my head. Continue to leave your questions in the comments on this blog, … Continue reading

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Video: Why is it the Man rather than the Woman who Leaves Father and Mother in Genesis 2:24?

The second installment in my daily answers to questions…

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Interview: How is the Exodus Theme Expressed Through the Bible?

Bible Gateway have just posted an interview with me about Echoes of Exodus. Within it, I discuss various topics that the book covers, among some other things. What are some similarities between the story of 1 Samuel 1-2 and the opening … Continue reading

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Video: Does Jacob’s Wrestling with the Angel Prefigure Christ’s Death?

I had a quarter of an hour to spare earlier today, so started to answer the questions that had been sent to me. I’ll try to answer one a day, for the next week or so. Keep the questions coming! … Continue reading

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Video: Calling for Questions!

I’ve just made the following video inviting people to send me any questions that they might have. If you have any biblical theological questions, you can leave them in the comments of the video, in the comments here, send me … Continue reading

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Video: Is Peter the Rock on which the Church is Built?

In the following video, I discuss a recent article from the Calvinist International by Joe Minich, trying to discern the relevant background for Jesus’s teaching in Matthew 16:13-23. See the rest of my videos (and subscribe) here.

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Theopolis Podcast: Ascension and Seventh Sunday of Easter

In this episode of the Theopolis Podcast, Peter Leithart and I discuss both the subject of the Ascension and the lectionary readings for the seventh Sunday of Easter: Acts 1:12-26, 1 John 5:9-15, and John 17: 11b-19. My recent Politics of Scripture … Continue reading

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Podcast: Augustine’s ‘Confessions’, Book 9

Once again, Mere Fidelity is discussing the topic of Augustine’s Confessions. This week, Derek, Matt, and I move on to a discussion of book nine, the final part of the more autobiographical portion of the work. You can also follow the podcast … Continue reading

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Andrew Wilson on the Exodus and the Sacraments

Andrew has written a number of posts on various sites to publicize Echoes of Exodus. I’ve linked to the various articles, blog posts, videos, and talks that we have both produced that relate to the book here. Andrew’s latest is … Continue reading

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The Habitation Made Desolate

I wrote a reflection on Acts 1:15-26 over on the Political Theology blog. Within it I discuss some of the significance that the biblical accounts of the suicide of Judas should have for our political theology: The gory manner of … Continue reading

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