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Transfigured Hermeneutics—Part 5: The High Priest and the New Temple

The fifth part of my ten part series on the Transfiguration went online earlier. Within this post, I discuss Temple and priestly themes within the gospel accounts of the Transfiguration: In light of Jesus’ revelation as the great and glorious … Continue reading

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Podcast: Apophatic Theology

For this week’s Mere Fidelity podcast, Derek, Matt, and I are joined by David Wilmington to discuss the topic of apophatic theology. This is almost certainly the most complex subject matter that we have tackled on the podcast and I … Continue reading

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Interview on Social Media Habits

I was recently invited to give an interview on the subject of our social media habits by Tony Reinke from Desiring God. My answer to the first question has just been posted here. The familiar cultural script is that more … Continue reading

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Podcast: Politics

This week’s Mere Fidelity podcast is on the subject of politics. Matt Lee Anderson, Derek Rishmawy, and I discuss whether politics is too central in evangelical thought. Have we lost sight of a ‘public’ beyond the political? You can also … Continue reading

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Lent 2016

The following are a few Lent related links from previous years. My (uncompleted) Forty Days of Exoduses series from 2013 Lent, Individualism, and Christian Piety (an email conversation with Jake Meador)

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Podcast: Weekly Worship

Our whole cast is back for the latest Mere Fidelity podcast on the subject of weekly worship and its purpose. I lost connection to the call early on, and the others had to go on without me. You can also … Continue reading

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The Politics of Spectacle

My latest guest post has just gone up over on Political Theology Today: Sovereignty has historically been manifested and exercised in no small measure through spectacle and through glory. The regal finery with which monarchs are attired, the imposing grandeur … Continue reading

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