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Alastair the Evil Dictator

What Famous Leader Are You?

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Read about it here. [HT: Dr. Davila]

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Lowest Form of Wit Comes From Front of the Brain


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Hauerwas, Liturgy and Aesthetics (or In Which Alastair is Unsure Whether or Not He Ought to Put His Tongue in His Cheek)

OK, it’s almost 4:30am and I still haven’t gone to bed. However, I felt that I had to post this Hauerwas quote, which has been doing the circuit of the blogs [HT: John Barach]. One reason why we Christians argue … Continue reading

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Rape, Abortion and Heroism

I was talking with a friend today on the subject of abortion. She observed that, when it came to the question of rape victims, a number of theologians who spoke out strongly against abortion in other situations were less willing … Continue reading

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A Critic of my Understanding of Liturgical Exegesis

Lee, from Two-Edged Sword, posts a critique of my understanding of liturgy and the ontology of Scripture, as articulated in the following posts — ‘How Gutenberg Took the Bible From Us’ and ‘James Jordan, N.T. Wright, and Double Resurrection’. Lee … Continue reading

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D.G. Hart on the Anti-Ecclesial Character of Evangelicalism

Whilst a study of the development of British evangelical identity might look slightly different, I have found D.G. Hart’s (not to be confused with David Bentley Hart, the Orthodox theologian) account of the construction of American evangelical identity quite insightful. … Continue reading

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Does Faith Shave?

How womanly it is for one who is a man to comb himself and shave himself with a razor, for the sake of fine effect, and to arrange his hair at the mirror, shave his cheeks, pluck hairs out of … Continue reading

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Von Balthasar on Kenosis, Impassibility and Immutability

The issue of the death of God in Moltmann’s theology came up today on Byron’s blog. The issue of the death of God was also touched on in another context in which I found myself today. Whether this is to … Continue reading

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Rambling comments on Dunn and Esler on Baptism in Romans 6

Over the weekend I read a number of commentators on Romans 6, a couple of which were set reading for a seminar that I attended this morning. The two commentators that were on our set reading were Philip Esler and … Continue reading

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