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No Posting for the Rest of this Month

I really should be getting some work done, so I have resolved to have a mini-blogging fast. Considering that I have posted over 140 times since the beginning of September, I felt that I could do with a break. Deep … Continue reading

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Christ and the Possibility of Feminine Identity

OK, the subject of masculinity and femininity has been a subject of discussion following one of yesterday’s posts. I thought that I would post this as somewhat relevant to the questions at issue. It is certainly not the best thing … Continue reading

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Barbaric and Civilized Worship

Peter Leithart writes about the development of a split in worship styles on the First Things blog:— Elias’s account not only provides what he calls a “sociogenesis” of mannered, civilized behavior, but also describes a social form of what T. … Continue reading

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Worship and the Cartesian Man

James K.A. Smith writes:— I had the opportunity to “experience” a version of one of these services in Geneva (Service 10, “Queer”). This was going to be my first “emerging” worship experience, so I came with much anticipation. And I … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Good Atheists Gone? — On the Loss of Important Conversations.

Prosthesis links to this post by Thomas Adams at Without Authority: The intellectual laziness of modern atheism is a shame because, as has been pointed out elsewhere, Christianity needs smart atheists to keep it honest. In my estimation, the best … Continue reading

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Confusing Signals

Does anyone know anything more about this Evangelical Alliance report?

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Jesus Not Coming Anytime Soon

Peter Leithart writes: …[I]t would seem odd if the Lord gave Adam a commission to rule and subdue the earth, sent His Son to die and rise again as the Last Adam to restore humanity to that task, and then … Continue reading

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Evangelical Narcissism

Writing on the subject of the whole Ted Haggard mess, Doug Wilson observes: The second sign of trouble (evident long before the recent revelations) was the prevalent evangelical marketing of narcissism and celebrity as though it were a reasonable approximation … Continue reading

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Why Devotion to a Life of Prayer is Essential for the Practice of Theology

Over the last couple of days I wrote an essay for one of my modules. It was very much a rushed job and I am far from satisfied with it, for a number of reasons. It would have benefited from … Continue reading

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Qumran Isaiah Scroll Online

You can virtually scroll through it here. [HT: Matthew Johnson of BHT]

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