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Whatever Happened to Evangelicalism?

From the wacky [HT: Chrisendom]… …to the weird, to the more sinister. Is there any section of the Church that is more messed up than what passes under the name of Evangelicalism? Like it or not, most people who call … Continue reading

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Heaven and Hell

I have always liked this illustration.

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Would You Let A Video-Blogger Lead Your Country?

What is the world coming to? David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, is now video-blogging. (The next thing you know we will discover that he is really an actress from New Zealand.)

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My News

This week I started back into lectures and tutorials again. I am studying Biblical Exegesis and Theological Explorations this semester, both of which I am enjoying so far. Most of my modules this year will be exegesis-based; next semester I … Continue reading

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In the Blogosphere

John Pettigrew links to some spectacularly bad website designs. On the subject of bad website designs, here is a site that Peter directed me to a while back. One of the worst sites that it links to is one for … Continue reading

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In Praise of Lyle’s Golden Syrup

Britain’s oldest brand and the only product that I can think of that has a quotation from the book of Judges on it. Lyle’s Golden Syrup is also one of my favourite things to eat. I have it on bread, … Continue reading

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We now have broadband in our house, which will probably result in more regular posting.

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US threats to Pakistan

The president of Pakistan claims that the US threatened to bomb Pakistan “back to the stone age” if they did not co-operate with the ‘war on terror’.

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Wright Questions Please!

Over the next week or two I hope to follow up my talk on Wright’s understanding of Jesus with talks on his understanding of Paul. Within those talks I will particularly focus on Wright’s understanding of justification. My aim is … Continue reading

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Booty from the Blogosphere

Aarrggh! ‘Tis Talk Like a Pirate Day an’ me hold be burdened with booty from the four corners of the blogosphere. At present the old sails are tattered an’ me ship is limping along at under 50Kbps, but no fear … Continue reading

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