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Oliver O’Donovan on the Israelite Individual

It is important to understand the emergence of the individual in Israel historically, but equally important not to succumb, as we have said, to ‘Whig history’, supposing that the trend from community to individual could simply be extrapolated to authorise … Continue reading

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Alastair the Conspiracy Theorist

Ligon Duncan implies that I am a conspiracy theorist. I am surprised that my post on Wright’s critics is still getting attention. For my thoughts on conspiracy theories, see this post. [And on the subject of Wright and his critics, … Continue reading

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Setting the World to Rights

In a perfect world such a state of affairs would never exist. Gentle blog reader, may I encourage you to visit one of my all time favourite blogs, a hidden treasure in the blogosphere. Add it to your links on … Continue reading

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I Just Realized…

…that I have entered into my second year of blogging on alastair.adversaria. I first started blogging on 40Bicycles in the middle of September 2003 and moved to my present blog after moving up to study in the University of St. … Continue reading

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