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Rape, Abortion and Heroism

I was talking with a friend today on the subject of abortion. She observed that, when it came to the question of rape victims, a number of theologians who spoke out strongly against abortion in other situations were less willing … Continue reading

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A Critic of my Understanding of Liturgical Exegesis

Lee, from Two-Edged Sword, posts a critique of my understanding of liturgy and the ontology of Scripture, as articulated in the following posts — ‘How Gutenberg Took the Bible From Us’ and ‘James Jordan, N.T. Wright, and Double Resurrection’. Lee … Continue reading

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D.G. Hart on the Anti-Ecclesial Character of Evangelicalism

Whilst a study of the development of British evangelical identity might look slightly different, I have found D.G. Hart’s (not to be confused with David Bentley Hart, the Orthodox theologian) account of the construction of American evangelical identity quite insightful. … Continue reading

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