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Podcast: John Barclay’s Paul and the Gift

On the latest Mere Fidelity, Andrew, Derek, Matt, and I talk about the recent book that has been causing a stir in the field of Pauline theology, John Barclay’s Paul & and the Gift. I reviewed the book for Reformation21 … Continue reading

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Links 7 – 21/9/13

Links post for the week. As usual, these are linked as stimulating grist for the mill or sources of amusement: I have key disagreements with a number of the pieces below. 1. All Technology is Assistive Technology 2. A Guide … Continue reading

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Links 2 – 17/8/13

This week’s links post. Once again, I will be posting links largely without comment. These particular links weren’t chosen because I agreed with them, but because they piqued my interest or amusement in some manner. I might have strong disagreements … Continue reading

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Links 1 – 10/8/13

It has been a long time since I last produced a link post, so I thought that it would be worthwhile to do one again. This time, I will be posting most of the links without any comment. Very few … Continue reading

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‘Year of Biblical Womanhood’ Review – Part 5

It is a cause of considerable rejoicing and relief to me finally to finish this ridiculously long review and conversation around the themes and issues raised by Rachel Held Evans’s book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Unfortunately, as she is … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914’

In response to my current focus on book reviewing, Michael Snow kindly sent me a copy of his book, Oh Holy Night: The Peace of 1914. It is a popular-level and short book (one could read it from cover to … Continue reading

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‘Year of Biblical Womanhood’ Review – Part 3

Welcome to the third part of the review of Rachel Held Evans’s A Year of Biblical Womanhood, within which we engage with chapters 7-9 of the book, following on from part 1 and part 2. Listen here! Listen to the other … Continue reading

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An Experiment in Book Reviewing

For various reasons, this blog has been rather quiet for the last couple of months. Currently lacking the inclination to return to my ordinary mode of blogging – interminably long posts, with a propensity to balloon into unwieldy series that … Continue reading

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Links and Jottings

Having not blogged much here for a little while, I thought that I would quickly post a few miscellaneous links and thoughts. I regularly post links in my Delicious account, which is linked in my sidebar (more general and less … Continue reading

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How the Liberal Market Revolutionized our Understanding of Humanity

In The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society, Murray Jardine raises questions about the underlying anthropological assumptions of the market as it functions within liberal societies (I raise a slightly different set of questions about its anthropology of individual self-interest … Continue reading

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