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Feminism, Equality, and Authority

My good friend and member of the Mere Fidelity crew, Andrew Wilson, unwittingly entangled us in a bit of an online controversy earlier today (I have it on good authority that it registered between a brouhaha and an apocalypse on the online … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright on Heaven and Earth, Male and Female

N.T. Wright recently made some controversial statements in opposition to same-sex marriage. He begins his argument against same-sex marriage by observing the dangers of the sudden and prescriptive redefinition of key terms, remarking upon examples of extensive attempts to transform … Continue reading

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The Politics of Pentecost

I’ve posted over on the Political Theology blog again, this time on the politics of Pentecost: The Church created at Pentecost is a dramatic contrast to the project of Babel and all attempts to repeat it. Rather than gathering all … Continue reading

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Podcast: Is there a ‘Moral Orthodoxy’?

This week’s podcast has just been posted and we have a new name: Mere Fidelity (thanks to Jordan Ballor). This time around Derek Rishmawy, Andrew Wilson, and our guest Matt Lee Anderson are discussing whether there is such a thing … Continue reading

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Casting Across the Pond

A few days ago I joined with two of my favourite fellow bloggers, Derek Rishmawy and Andrew Wilson to start a podcast conversation, with participants on both sides of the Atlantic. The first podcast, a thirty-five minute discussion of the uses … Continue reading

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What’s a Good Question?

I’ve already linked to this post on my Delicious account (you can see the latest five links in the sidebar, or follow the Twitter account where I post my links). However, as it is such a superb post, I wanted … Continue reading

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The Value of Arguing Without Changing Our Minds

Derek Rishmawy just posted a great Oliver O’Donovan quotation over on his blog (from the superb Self, World, and Time: Ethics as Theology Volume 1, which I have also been enjoying lately), within which O’Donovan observes the benefits of arguing even when … Continue reading

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