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Podcast: End of the Year

Our final Mere Fidelity episode of 2015 has just been posted. Within it we discuss the highlights of our year, what we are looking forward to in 2016, and what we think about new year’s resolutions. You can also follow … Continue reading

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Open Mic Thread 45

The open mic thread is where you have the floor and can raise or discuss issues of your choice. There is no such thing as off-topic here. The comments of this thread are free for you to: Discuss things that you … Continue reading

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The Politics of Continual Thanksgiving

The Political Theology Today blog has been offline over the past week, so my latest post has gone up a week late. To some, this defining Christian practice of thanksgiving may appear to be rather unpromising as a source of … Continue reading

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Review of Nate Pyle’s Man Enough

My review of Nate Pyle’s Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood has just been published over on The Gospel Coalition website. Pyle’s discussion of “proving” manhood would’ve also benefited from more careful attention to the ways manhood can be defined in opposition to boyhood. Manhood … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Christmas of History and the Christmas of Faith

In this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Andrew, Derek and I discuss the relationship between the Christmas of history and the Christmas of faith. Many of our carols and Christmas hymns, our retellings of the Christmas story, and our Nativity … Continue reading

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Transfigured Hermeneutics—Part 2: Transfiguration and Exodus

The second of my ten part series of posts on the Transfiguration and Christian reading of Scripture has just been published over on Reformation21 (if you haven’t already read it, the first part is here). Luke’s account of the Transfiguration … Continue reading

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Embracing Embodiment: Baptism and the Nuptial Meaning of the Body

The final part of my three part series on baptism and the body has just been posted over on the Theopolis Institute website. Despite its familiarity, 1 Corinthians 6:19a is a scriptural text that retains much of its capacity to … Continue reading

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