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The Politics of the Death of the Nation’s Beloved

My latest post over at Political Theology Today has just been published. This week, I am reflecting on 2 Samuel 1, and David’s lament over the deaths of Saul and Jonathan. David and Solomon are the archetypal kings, not on … Continue reading

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Christians, Liturgy, and the Past—Part 2

Last week I guest posted the first part of a two part discussion of liturgy and the past on the Theopolis Institute, which we also discussed on the latest episode of Mere Fidelity. The second part of the article has just … Continue reading

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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia?

I’ve written some brief thoughts on the question of the biblical and apocryphal imagery of Sophia. The image of Wisdom (Sophia) in Proverbs and elsewhere needs to be understood in terms of the broader picture within she occurs. The entire … Continue reading

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Open Mic Thread 31

The open mic thread is where you have the floor and can raise or discuss issues of your choice. There is no such thing as off-topic here. The comments of this thread are free for you to: Discuss things that you … Continue reading

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Our Culture of Reading and the End of Dialogue in the Internet Age

Matt Lee Anderson has a typically perceptive essay over at Mere Orthodoxy on the subject of our habits of reading in the Internet Age and how these are unconducive to reflective and receptive dialogue. He writes: I suggested above that a … Continue reading

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Podcast: Liturgical Formation and the Past

Our latest Mere Fidelity podcast is on the subject of liturgical formation and the use of liturgies from the past. It takes up the themes that I address in my Theopolis Institute post from last week and in the post that … Continue reading

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An Unpolished Amalgam of Thoughts on Gendering God

The question of the gender of God is now a live one in evangelicalism. Although many of us are acquainted with earlier controversies and debates about the gender of God in mainstream and academic theological circles, my sense is that … Continue reading

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Weekend in Cambridge

I spent a very enjoyable weekend visiting my brother in Cambridge. We passed the Saturday in Cambridge itself, looking around the town, which is unquestionably one of the most beautiful places in England. On Sunday we went out to visit … Continue reading

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Christians, Liturgy, and the Past—Part 1

I have guest posted over on Theopolis Institute again, this time the first part of a two part series on the need to be reflective about the ways that and reasons why we use historic liturgical traditions in contemporary Christian … Continue reading

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Podcast: Perichoresis

In the latest Mere Fidelity podcast, we took up the subject of perichoresis, interacting with this article by Peter Leithart and his recent book, Traces of the Trinity. We also touch on some themes raised in my recent lengthy post … Continue reading

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