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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Sophia?

I’ve written some brief thoughts on the question of the biblical and apocryphal imagery of Sophia. The image of Wisdom (Sophia) in Proverbs and elsewhere needs to be understood in terms of the broader picture within she occurs. The entire … Continue reading

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An Unpolished Amalgam of Thoughts on Gendering God

The question of the gender of God is now a live one in evangelicalism. Although many of us are acquainted with earlier controversies and debates about the gender of God in mainstream and academic theological circles, my sense is that … Continue reading

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Understanding Nature

In the latest discussion over on Passing the Salt Shaker, I attempt to provide a brief introduction to the notion of nature as it functions within natural law thinking: As human beings, we are person-bodies embedded in a larger natural … Continue reading

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Why Do Men Fail To Trust Women?

My latest post on Passing the Salt Shaker went online earlier today. Within it I raise the question of why men so often fail to trust women, even when they are telling the truth, and especially in cases of abuse, suggesting … Continue reading

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How the Unmarried Can Reveal the Vocational Character of Marriage

I’ve posted over on the Passing the Salt Shaker blog again, this time on the way that the unmarried can help married persons to understand their vocation. [T]he New Testament treats the unmarried state as one that Christians can purposefully pursue … Continue reading

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