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This Joyful Eastertide

This joyful Eastertide, Away with sin and sorrow! My Love, the Crucified, Hath sprung to life this morrow. Had Christ, that once was slain, Ne’er burst his three-day prison, Our faith had been in vain: But now hath Christ arisen, … Continue reading

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As there are some posts that, judging from my site stats, are of perennial interest, even though they are buried deep in my archives, I decided today to go to the effort of setting up a number of pages. These … Continue reading

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Samson on the Cross: A Good Friday Reflection

In my recent post on the subject of exodus in 1 Samuel 1-7, I observed the way that the narrative explores themes of strength and weakness. At the battle of Aphek, the Ark of the Covenant, which was supposed to … Continue reading

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The Same-Sex Marriage Debate – Questions and Answers

UPDATE: A considerably expanded version of this post can be read here, in a page that should always be easily accessible from my front page (under ‘Larger Projects’). Just under a year ago, I wrote a post on the subject of same-sex … Continue reading

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The Crusade of the Lost Ark – 40 Days of Exoduses (22)

A Barren Woman Our last study concluded with Israel having crossed the Jordan and destroyed the city of Jericho. At this point we jump forward in biblical history, leaving the rest of the book of Joshua and skipping the books … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday: 40 Days of Exoduses Summary

I am quite some way behind schedule at this point and it is unlikely that I will post more than a couple more this coming week. However, be assured that the series will be finished. We have passed the halfway … Continue reading

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A Successor, a Harlot, and an Invasion – 40 Days of Exoduses (21)

The Republication of the Covenant Our previous study led us to the wilderness side of the Jordan, with the children of Israel preparing to enter into the land. It is at this point that the book of Deuteronomy fits in. … Continue reading

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The Testing of the Throne-Bearers – 40 Days of Exoduses (20)

Timeframe and Setting Within this post, I hope to cover the entirety of the book of Numbers. I will, however, begin with some comments on the construction of the tabernacle in Exodus, the book of Leviticus, and general time frames. … Continue reading

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A Portable Mountain and Competing Calves – 40 Days of Exoduses (19)

Head and Body Having crossed the Red Sea, we enter into a new phase of Israel’s story. We have already observed the presence of the theme of the journey to the mountain in a number of previous studies and now … Continue reading

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Christianity Today Article on Our Changing Relationships with Our Texts

Christianity Today has just published an article of mine, which follows up certain themes from my earlier post ‘A Lament for Google Reader’. Both the passing of the hard-bound Encyclopædia Britannica and of Google Reader represent milestones in the digital age. They … Continue reading

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