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Active and Passive in Salvation

In the comments of my earlier post on Phillip Cary’s article on monergism and synergism, Joel Garver helpfully reminded me of the work of Michael Hanby, which, in turn, reminded me of this interesting Leithart post.

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What is Mother?

This is an old post, but I have only just read it and felt that I had to quote it: Q: What is Mother? A: Mother is an entity, finite, mortal, changeable in her affections and good graces, but nonetheless … Continue reading

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Phillip Cary on Monergism and Synergism

The question of whether Augustine is a monergist or a synergist is more complicated. For one thing, even at his most monergistic, Augustine does not deny that we are active in our own salvation. Augustine is a monergist with respect … Continue reading

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