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Barbaric and Civilized Worship

Peter Leithart writes about the development of a split in worship styles on the First Things blog:— Elias’s account not only provides what he calls a “sociogenesis” of mannered, civilized behavior, but also describes a social form of what T. … Continue reading

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Worship and the Cartesian Man

James K.A. Smith writes:— I had the opportunity to “experience” a version of one of these services in Geneva (Service 10, “Queer”). This was going to be my first “emerging” worship experience, so I came with much anticipation. And I … Continue reading

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Where Have All the Good Atheists Gone? — On the Loss of Important Conversations.

Prosthesis links to this post by Thomas Adams at Without Authority: The intellectual laziness of modern atheism is a shame because, as has been pointed out elsewhere, Christianity needs smart atheists to keep it honest. In my estimation, the best … Continue reading

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