Podcast: Awaiting the King, with Davey Henreckson

Mere Fidelity

The final volume in James K.A. Smith’s Cultural Liturgies trilogy, Awaiting the King: Reforming Public Theology, has just been released. In this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Davey Henreckson joins us to discuss Smith’s book. This is, I believe, our longest episode to date: there’s a lot in Smith’s book to talk about. Listen to the episode and consider buying a copy.

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Greystone Theological Institute

I’m excited to share that, a few days ago, I became a Fellow in Scripture and Theology with the Greystone Theological Institute. I will be lecturing for them on an occasional basis and will also be contributing to the work of the Lydia Center.

Greystone describes its mission as follows:

Greystone Theological Institute is a collaborative effort in Reformed theological education and training in ministry and scholarship. With a focus on service in the region of western Pennsylvania, Greystone also resources scholarship and ministerial formation at the postgraduate level at select satellite sites in the United States and internationally through a combination of regular intensive on-site courses and online courses and events. It seeks to enrich the educational mission of the Church in the tradition of confessional Reformed catholicity, foster theological collaboration, and share resources in order to advance learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; and to maximize the stewardship of scholarly resources for Church and academy.

Read more about the organization here and consider supporting their work here.

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Top Ten Curious Cat Questions

It is nearly a month since I took a break from Curious Cat. Out of my own curiosity, I just checked my blog hits to see which of my Curious Cat questions received the most traffic from this site. Obviously, this is far from the most accurate way of measuring the popularity of particular questions, but I do find it interesting to see which of my answers especially interested my readers. The results aren’t especially surprising, but I don’t think any of them would make a list of my favourite questions and answers. Just for fun, here they are in reverse order:

Number 10

How do you feel about utilizing term “gospel-centered” as an adjective (gospel-centered marriage, life, church, parenting, sex, finances, etc.)? This strikes me as a relatively new phenomenon (gaining traction in the past 10-15 years), particularly within American evangelicalism, and I wonder how constructive it actually is. I fear that it is often an anaemic usage of the term “gospel.” [Answer]

Number 9

Romans 9 says God created some to do evil (‘vessels of wrath fitted for destruction’) so they’ll just end up going to hell. This happened to Esau, whom God hated even before he was born. [Answer]

Number 8

Do you think Jesus cleansed the temple twice? [Answer]

Number 7

Why do gay people ‘look’ gay? (Serious question I’ve always had, reminded of it by the recent face scanning article) [Answer]

Number 6

Is onanism a sin? [Answer]

Number 5

Both Yoder and Barth have been shown to be guilty of sexual sin (and I might add Yoder did his Phd under Barth). Should this alter our reading of them and if yes are we not hypocrites for letting Luther off with his racism towards Jews? [Answer]

Number 4

Can you define patriarchy and if/how it differs from complementarianism? [Answer]

Number 3

Why are you an Anglican? [Answer]

Number 2

What were you impressions on the different parts of the US. Were some regions weirder than others? To which do you plan to eventually move? [Answer]

Number 1

Why are you Anglican rather than Presbyterian? [Answer]

Clearly, people are VERY interested in why I am an Anglican!

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Review of Todd Wilson’s ‘Mere Sexuality’

I’ve just reviewed Todd Wilson’s Mere Sexuality: Rediscovering the Christian Vision of Sexuality for the Gospel Coalition website.

I think Wilson’s attempt to provide an account of “mere sexuality” suffers on account of his taking current debates about homosexuality as the implicit foil of his discussion. His laudable concern to respond to the needs of those struggling with same-sex attraction often distracts him from the task of presenting the full-bodied positive account of mere sexuality he initially sets out to provide.

While he discusses same-sex attracted persons extensively, Wilson says relatively little on topics such as the rise and spread of extreme pornography, the sexualization of the entertainment industry, premarital sex, the hook-up culture, manliness and womanliness, being a husband or a wife, motherhood and fatherhood, infertility and childlessness, the gender neutralization of society, and so on, which are far more pressing personal concerns for most Christians pursuing something resembling “mere sexuality,” even though they may not be as prominent apologetically.

Despite such disappointments, Wilson’s book is a worthwhile one, with much to commend it. Its fundamental emphases are well placed, and Wilson speaks with compelling clarity and grace where it matters most.

Read the whole review here.

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Video: Is Ethics Part of Orthodoxy?

My latest Davenant Institute discussion with Brad Belschner has just gone online. On this one, we discuss whether ethics is a part of orthodoxy.

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Podcast: On Ethics and Technology with Michael Sacasas

Mere Fidelity

In our latest episode of Mere Fidelity, Matt and I discuss ethics and technology with our guest, Michael Sacasas, who writes on issues relating to technology over on his blog, The Frailest Thing. I have been a highly appreciative reader of Michael’s work for a number of years now. I am convinced that the question of technology is far and away one of the most important questions of our time, impacting on practically everything else. A failure to think critically about technology, for instance, is increasingly a failure to think critically about the way in which we arrive at our identities, the way we think and interact with others, and the forms of our societies and affiliations.

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Podcast: Augustine’s ‘Confessions’ Book 4

Mere Fidelity

The fourth episode of our ongoing discussion through Augustine’s Confessions has just gone online.

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