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WordMP3 Interview

A brief interview with me has just been posted over on WordMP3 (a site you really must make use of, if you are not already aware of it). They also have the audio lectures from my recent Theopolis course available … Continue reading

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Video: A Biblical Theology of Circumcision

I just noticed the following video was posted a over a week ago, over on the Theopolis Institute’s YouTube channel. Within it, I give a very basic introduction to the theology of circumcision.

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From Gutenberg to YouVersion: The Word of God and the Technology of the Word

My recent Davenant Institute lecture on the subject of the significance of textual technologies for our engagement with Scripture has just been posted on Youtube: I recently enjoyed watching Dr. Christopher Schlect’s highly informative and stimulating lecture in the same … Continue reading

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Two Recent Talks

Video from two recent lectures of mine has just been posted on Facebook. From Gutenberg to YouVersion: The Word of God and the Technology of the Word Exodus as New Birth

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The Future of Protestantism

  Last year, Peter Leithart wrote a provocative piece entitled ‘The End of Protestantism‘, which provoked considerable discussion in many quarters. A couple of evenings ago, the Torrey Honors Institute, First Things, and the Davenant Trust collaborated to arrange a debate between … Continue reading

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N.T. Wright Lecture: Can a Scientist Believe in the Resurrection?

The following are my notes from a lecture delivered this evening, 20th December, by N.T. Wright in the University of St. Andrews. The following provides a general idea of what the good bishop said, but should not be depended upon … Continue reading

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Links from the last few days: *** According to Dr Scaer, the most common way people join the Church is that someone invited them. Guess what? If church sucks, people don’t invite others. They don’t think “Man, my friends have … Continue reading

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