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A Reformation Reader

Happy Reformation Day, everyone! On this five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his Ninety-five Theses, I am excited to share the news of a new book of Reformation readings that has just been released by the good folks … Continue reading

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Video: Getting Beyond Headship Battles

Continuing from my previous two videos, I have another Davenant Discussion video in which I give some brief thoughts on the subject of headship in conversation with Brad Belschner. Visit the Davenant Institute’s site to find out more about their work, to watch … Continue reading

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Answers to Questions—13/10/2017-24/10/2017

Here are some of the most recent answers on my Curious Cat page. I plan to take a break for a few months after I reach 1,000 (I’m currently on 833 questions answered), so get any burning questions you have … Continue reading

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The Politics of the Communication of the Truth

I’ve just posted a reflection on 1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 over on Political Theology Today. Paul’s representation of his ministry in these opening chapters of Thessalonians dramatically challenges many of the assumptions that we bring to acts of communication. While our … Continue reading

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Podcast: Augustine’s ‘Confessions’ Book 2

We started reading through Augustine’s Confessions together a few weeks ago. This week we discuss the second book, especially Augustine’s discussion of his theft from the pear tree. You can also follow the podcast on iTunes, or using this RSS feed. Listen to past episodes … Continue reading

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Answers to Questions—2/10/2017-12/10/2017

Here are some of my answers to questions from the last week or so on Curious Cat. Do you think Jesus cleansed the temple twice? [Answer] What role does logic play in developing theology? … [Answer] [Follow-up] When is it … Continue reading

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Video: What is Masculinity?

I have a new video following on from my earlier video on The Challenges of Gender in the 21st Century. Within it, I offer some prefatory remarks on the subject of masculinity.

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