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A Crisis of Discourse—Part 1: Cracks in the Progressive Left

I’ve renamed this post so that the post that follows will represent a smoother transition from it, but no content has been changed. My Pre-Election Reflections Over the last week or two, in the run up to the American election, … Continue reading

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In Which A Man Explains Things

The following is a comment I posted on an online friend’s blog. I posted a comment pushing back against the idea that Trump supporters were largely driven by misogyny and racism, suggesting that a more charitable and optimistic construction of … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Collapse of American Protestantism

I’ve written a piece for The Gospel Coalition on the collapse of American Protestantism and what we should be braced for in the future. It’s also noteworthy that almost all the Christian intellectuals Jacobs discusses, whether historic or contemporary, belonged … Continue reading

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Further Thoughts: How Social Justice Ideology Fuels Racism and Sexism

The video above comes with a huge NSFW warning. However, it is a very important window into the deeply unsettling and unpleasant phenomenon of anti-social justice shamelessness, which has primarily arisen as an anarchic response to social justice’s overreach. The … Continue reading

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How Social Justice Ideology Gave Us Donald Trump

I didn’t sleep at all last night. As the election results came in, I had a familiar feeling of growing concern, the same feeling I had experienced watching the results of Brexit. However, this time around, I was more than … Continue reading

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Podcast: On Bible Designs

  On this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek and I are joined by J. Mark Bertrand of the Bible Design Blog for a stimulating discussion of the importance of Bible formats and designs. Mark has written about the rise of … Continue reading

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Ten Questions Post over on the Huffington Post

A new version of my ten questions post from yesterday has just been published over on the Huffington Post (see the original post here).

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