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Further Thoughts: How Social Justice Ideology Fuels Racism and Sexism

The video above comes with a huge NSFW warning. However, it is a very important window into the deeply unsettling and unpleasant phenomenon of anti-social justice shamelessness, which has primarily arisen as an anarchic response to social justice’s overreach. The … Continue reading

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How Social Justice Ideology Gave Us Donald Trump

I didn’t sleep at all last night. As the election results came in, I had a familiar feeling of growing concern, the same feeling I had experienced watching the results of Brexit. However, this time around, I was more than … Continue reading

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Podcast: On Bible Designs

  On this week’s episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek and I are joined by J. Mark Bertrand of the Bible Design Blog for a stimulating discussion of the importance of Bible formats and designs. Mark has written about the rise of … Continue reading

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Ten Questions Post over on the Huffington Post

A new version of my ten questions post from yesterday has just been published over on the Huffington Post (see the original post here).

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The Social Crisis of Distrust and Untruth in America and Evangelicalism

In the second of the Republican presidential debates, the issue of vaccines was raised. Donald Trump presented an anecdotal case for an association between vaccines and autism, brashly dismissing the general medical consensus on the matter. Repeating claims he had … Continue reading

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Ten Questions to Ask Before Voting for Donald Trump Tomorrow

If you are considering casting your vote for Donald Trump tomorrow, you have almost certainly had quite enough of listening to his critics, with their many wild claims and accusations. Fear not, within this post I am not asking you … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Four Loves, Part 3

In this week’s Mere Fidelity episode, Derek, Matt, and I return to our discussion of C.S. Lewis’ book, The Four Loves. The chapter we explore this week is on the topic of friendship. You can also follow the podcast on … Continue reading

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Three New E-Books

I’ve added three new e-books to the list on my new e-books page. * Baptism & the Body How Baptism reveals the significance of the body for Christian faith. * What is Evangelicalism? A discussion of the unsettled self of … Continue reading

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The Levite, the Concubine, and Israel’s Story

A piece of mine has just been published over on the Theopolis Institute. Within it, I explore the broader scriptural themes that are in play in the story of the Levite and his concubine in Judges 19. The story of … Continue reading

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Essay in New Primer Volume

I have an essay in the latest issue of Primer, a publication that is a cross between a journal and a book. Each of the two issues every year is devoted to a particular topic, with several essays designed to … Continue reading

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