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Links 5 – 8/9/13

Your weekly links list. Linking does not signify agreement with contents of linked articles. You know the drill. 1. 10 Paragraphs About Lists You Need in Your Life Right Now 2. What skill can learn right now in 10 minutes … Continue reading

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Ten Years of Blogging: 2004-2005

Yesterday I started going through the last ten years of my blogging. This is all rather self-indulgent, but it has been illuminating and entertaining to look back over my writing from the past ten years and to see how it … Continue reading

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Some Rambling and Unwelcome Reflections on Modesty Debates

Did you know that, wherever you stand in the Christian blogosphere, you are never more than one foot away from a post on the subject of modesty? Here is another. Every couple of months or so, the topic of modesty … Continue reading

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Ten Years of Blogging: 2003-2004

In ten days’ time, it will have been ten years since I started blogging. Although I have some rather ridiculously huge posts on the backburner at the moment, a number of which may never see the light of day, I … Continue reading

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Links 4 – 3/9/13

Having had a rather full last couple of days, I wasn’t able to find the time to post some links. I thought that I would take the opportunity now to post a few before I return to Durham tomorrow. As … Continue reading

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