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Your Blog Recommendations!

In another part of the blogosphere there has been a Christian blog survey taking place. While I follow a few dozen of the blogs listed, I was disappointed to see that so few of my favourite blogs were mentioned. I thought … Continue reading

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Brad Littlejohn’s Review of Doug Jones’ Dismissing Jesus

Brad Littlejohn has been writing a very extensive series of posts reviewing and responding to Doug Jones’ recent book, Dismissing Jesus. It is seldom that one is treated to such detailed interaction with the argument of a book, exploring its … Continue reading

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Links 3 – 24/8/13

Things have been rather quiet here over the last few weeks. I don’t expect to be posting much over the next month or two either, but I will try to post a links post every week. The following are a … Continue reading

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Links 2 – 17/8/13

This week’s links post. Once again, I will be posting links largely without comment. These particular links weren’t chosen because I agreed with them, but because they piqued my interest or amusement in some manner. I might have strong disagreements … Continue reading

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Atheists Are More Intelligent Than Religious Persons

A recent meta-analytical study has identified an inverse correlation between faith and intelligence. Such studies are relatively common: many of us will already have encountered a number of studies identifying the same correlation. One also sees similar research supporting the … Continue reading

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Links 1 – 10/8/13

It has been a long time since I last produced a link post, so I thought that it would be worthwhile to do one again. This time, I will be posting most of the links without any comment. Very few … Continue reading

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Online Discourse, Leadership, Progressive Evangelicalism, and the Value of Critics

The following are a few loosely related issues that I have been thinking about at various points over the last few days, in light of the millennials conversation and its aftermath. I have made a number of these comments in … Continue reading

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A Few Photos

It just occurred to me that it is a year since I had a long holiday in the US with my father, after which I posted dozens of photos (here, here, and here). Since that holiday, I have hardly posted … Continue reading

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Why Are My Posts So Dense And Lengthy?

Almost every time that one of my posts is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, I can predict with some certainty that I will receive several remarks among the length and style of my writing. These remarks run the gamut … Continue reading

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Questioning the Questioners

I have just had a piece published over on Threads, a follow-up to yesterday’s post about millennials and the Church. Within it I call the popular emphasis upon questioning among millennials into question: Our questions reveal the terms within which … Continue reading

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