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Links 12 – 24/10/13

Links for the week, early again. It is unlikely that there will be any regular programming here for the next few months, but I will try to post links at regular intervals. Feel free to share your own favourite links … Continue reading

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Being on the Wrong Side of History: A Reflection on Luke 18:9-14

I wrote the following piece a few days ago. It was intended for another site I am involved in, but I had crossed wires with myself and wasn’t due to write anything at all. I was in two minds over … Continue reading

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Links 11 – 18/10/13

Links for the week. An assortment of thought-provoking, amusing, mind-bending, or conversation-starting pieces. As usual, linking does not imply agreement. 1. See the World Through the Eyes of a Cat 2. An Interview on Žižek 3. Slavoj Žižek: “Most of … Continue reading

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Links 10 – 10/10/13

Since you have all been very good (and as I will be offline for most of the weekend), this week’s links post is early. 1. What is the Higgs Boson? 2. The Moment When Nobel Prize Winner Peter Higgs Learned … Continue reading

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Links 9 – 5/10/13

Links for the week. 1. IVF: ‘Where’s All That Grief Going?’ 2. Brain Scans of Porn Addicts: What’s Wrong With This Picture? 3. Lost to the Ages: The Legacy of Myst 4. Deliberation, Obedience, and Scripture – Another superb O’Donovan … Continue reading

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Walter White’s Wicked Felina

Yesterday I watched the finale of Breaking Bad. If you have not yet done so, please stop reading now: the rest of this post will be packed with spoilers.

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