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On Triggering and the Triggered, Part 3

Within this post I will continue my analysis of the debate surrounding the words of Pastor Douglas Wilson’s that Jared Wilson posted over a week ago. I have already blogged twice on the subject – here and here. Both of … Continue reading

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Durham Cathedral Tower

Durham Cathedral tower is one of my favourite places, as many of you probably already know. I climbed it again with housemates a couple of days ago. Here are a few pictures:

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On Triggering and the Triggered, Part 2

In my previous post, I dealt with the controversy that had developed around Jared Wilson’s post: ‘The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc.’ and the quoted comments from Pastor Douglas Wilson within it. Since writing that post, Jared … Continue reading

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On Triggering and the Triggered, Part 1

A few days Jared Wilson unwittingly started a firestorm. He posted on the subject of the recent erotic fiction bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey, arguing that the book represented a sinful distortion of the God-honouring form of authority/submission in marriage. … Continue reading

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Information Addiction and the Church

Having commented on this post on the subject of ‘infobesity’ earlier, I thought that I would post my comments here. The following post contains my original comment, followed by some further thoughts on the matter. Infobesity or a Changing Relationship … Continue reading

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The Fighting Shepherd

In the past I have commented on the manner in which our changing social concept of sonship has encouraged a dramatic shift in our understanding of key biblical concepts. Within this post I want to observe another example of a … Continue reading

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How To Be More Influential Than Justin Bieber

The question of the true nature of influence and how one exerts and measures it is one that has occurred to me at various junctures in the past. I have never made any studied attempt to become either influential or … Continue reading

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