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Links and Jottings

Having not blogged much here for a little while, I thought that I would quickly post a few miscellaneous links and thoughts. I regularly post links in my Delicious account, which is linked in my sidebar (more general and less … Continue reading

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Old Blogs

Back in 2003, I started blogging at 40Bicycles and later also at Sacramental Blog. I have just imported all of my old blog posts into a new WordPress blog, accessible here. My views have developed considerably since I last blogged there, almost … Continue reading

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Day Out in York

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Sex and Death on the Threshing Floor

A friend asked me yesterday about the significant of the threshing floor in Scripture. I briefly sketched a response to his enquiry, but thought that it would be good to fill out this response in the following post. Perhaps some … Continue reading

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Introduction to Bible Themes for Kids

I am loving the following Bible chants for teaching basic biblical-theological structures to kids (all of you adults know the sacrifices of Leviticus, right?): Ox, Lion, Eagle, Man Priest, King, Prophet, Man Moses is an ox; David is a lion; prophets are eagles; Jesus is da man (for little kids, this is best … Continue reading

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Mediations Wrapped in Mediations

I recently wrote a piece contrasting the Song of Solomon with pornography. It has now been posted over on The Media Res (lots of other great stuff there – do take a look!): The Song is a celebration of mediation. It … Continue reading

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Scorn and the Culture Wars

Timothy Dalrymple writes concerning the growing tendency among progressive Christians to launch vituperative and scornful attacks against ugly liberal caricatures of conservative Christians in order to represent themselves as more loving to the world. He remarks: This is selling anger, … Continue reading

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