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The Religious Magnetism of Bodies

In a post on the ever-stimulating Sociological Images blog, Donovan O Schaefer comments on the charismatic character of Tebow’s body and the manner in which it has become ‘a sort of theological battleground for broader religious and cultural forces’. He writes: … Continue reading

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Introversion and Why Evangelicalism is Doing It Wrong

Introversion In a recent interview for Scientific American, Susan Cain claims that American society is biased in favour of extroversion. Cataloguing some of the ways in which introverts can be marginalized and their skills underappreciated, she argues that this results … Continue reading

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How the Liberal Market Revolutionized our Understanding of Humanity

In The Making and Unmaking of Technological Society, Murray Jardine raises questions about the underlying anthropological assumptions of the market as it functions within liberal societies (I raise a slightly different set of questions about its anthropology of individual self-interest … Continue reading

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‘Symbol and Sacrament’ Chapter 7: Sacrament and Ethics

Symbol and Sacrament Posts: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2:I, Chapter 2:II, Chapter 3, Chapter 4:I, Chapter 4:II, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 Chauvet frames his seventh chapter with the question: ‘How can we avoid the temptation to oppose ethical practice and ritual practice without yielding to the reverse temptation … Continue reading

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Daniell on Tyndale’s Style and Effect on the English Language

Via Daniel Stoddart comes this article on the effect of William Tyndale’s Bible translation upon the English language. David Daniell has a wonderful treatment of this in his tome, The Bible in English. Not only did Tyndale’s solitary work of … Continue reading

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‘Symbol and Sacrament’ Chapter 6: Scripture and Sacrament

Symbol and Sacrament Posts: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2:I, Chapter 2:II, Chapter 3, Chapter 4:I, Chapter 4:II, Chapter 5, Chapter 7 Having established a model for the structure of Christian identity in the previous chapter, Chauvet proceeds to explore the interrelationships of the various elements of the … Continue reading

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The Juvenilization of the Church

via Dr Jim West Does anyone have any thoughts on his thesis?

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Body-Modification, the Market, and Identity

This post follows on from On Tattoos. It might be best to read that first. Following my recent post on the subject of tattoos, John H suggested a connection between the practice of body-modification and Christian consumerism. Both are attempts … Continue reading

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Tarrying with the Tragic

Yesterday I made some brief remarks on the Christian economy of pain. The subject came to mind again earlier today. The following are a few further thoughts on the matter. In yesterday’s post I commented on the manner in which … Continue reading

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The Christian Economy of Pain

From William Cavanaugh’s superb Torture and Eucharist:  The Christian economy of pain, therefore, overcomes the strict incommunicability of pain on which torture relies. Torture is so useful for isolating individuals in a society from one another in large part because … Continue reading

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