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Break for Lent

I will be off Twitter and blogging for the duration of Lent. I hope that you all have a good Lenten season. I look forward to seeing you all at Easter time, hopefully with the first draft of a book … Continue reading

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How to be a Popular Blogger (by someone who isn’t)

Rachel Held Evans, one of the best conversation-starting bloggers out there, has posted on the subject of blog traffic and how to become a popular blogger. This is a subject that has interested me for some time, and I thought … Continue reading

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A Better Gospel

In the comments following my previous post on the problems with a particular form of the evangelical gospel presentation, I was asked how I would go about presenting the gospel, and how I would capture some of the core gospel … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With The Evangelical Gospel?

Someone in my Twitter feed linked the video above earlier this evening. Watching it, I was struck by two things. First, by how baldly and bluntly it presents the underlying narrative of the gospel message that is standard for many … Continue reading

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Eschatologically Weighted Ontology and the Fall

Maximus writes this section in a metaphysical idiom, but his argument helps fill out the importance of recognizing the eschatological aspiration that was inherent in Adam’s situation.  If Adam was fulfilled, perfected from the outset, then we are almost inevitably … Continue reading

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Finding Joy in the Vapour

“Vapour of vapours,” says the Preacher; “vapour of vapours, all is vapour.” Perhaps there are few more potent and fecund metaphors for human life, activity, and thought than that of vapour, breath, or mist. Life is like groping through a … Continue reading

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An Unromantic Thought for St Valentine’s Day

Although I may be untypical in this regard, as a single person, I have generally been very thankful for the fact that I do not have to participate in the yearly celebration of St Valentine’s Day (if and when I … Continue reading

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Theology of Clothing Book Plans

I have decided for Lent this year to take a break from blogging and regular online activity to write the first draft of a book. I presented three suggestions for topics to a friend, who decided on the topic of … Continue reading

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Is YHWH a War Criminal?

The question of divine goodness and justice in light of the deep problems raised by the biblical commands concerning the slaughter of the Canaanites seems to be the hot topic right now. Philip Jenkins writes on the subject of the … Continue reading

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Twitter Bible Study

I have just started a Bible study on Twitter with a few friends (my Twitter handle is @zugzwanged). We are having a tweeting conversation around 1 Samuel, using the hashtag #tbs1sam, going through one chapter each day. Today (8th February) we are … Continue reading

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