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Podcast: The Cross in the Gospels

This week’s Mere Fidelity podcast is on the subject of the cross in the gospel. Derek, Matt, Andrew, and I discuss the question of whether the gospels have a doctrine of the atonement and, if they do, what it looks … Continue reading

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Why Do Men Fail To Trust Women?

My latest post on Passing the Salt Shaker went online earlier today. Within it I raise the question of why men so often fail to trust women, even when they are telling the truth, and especially in cases of abuse, suggesting … Continue reading

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How the Unmarried Can Reveal the Vocational Character of Marriage

I’ve posted over on the Passing the Salt Shaker blog again, this time on the way that the unmarried can help married persons to understand their vocation. [T]he New Testament treats the unmarried state as one that Christians can purposefully pursue … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Spirituality of Work

Last week, Derek Rishmawy and I were joined by Nancy Nordenson to discuss her forthcoming book, Finding Livelihood. The podcast of that conversation has gone online today. Do take a listen and share your thoughts! Next week we should be back … Continue reading

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Peter Leithart in the UK

As any reader of this blog should know, I have a great appreciation for the scholarship of Peter Leithart and have been heavily influenced by him over the years. Arthur Kay, the minister of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Affetside (near Bury, Greater … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Unmarried State

I’ve posted over on the Passing the Salt Shaker blog, giving some thoughts on the unmarried state, in the continuing discussion following Graham Ware’s introductory post: The welcoming of the unmarried in the early Church was radical, but perhaps not … Continue reading

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In Defence of Argument

A few weeks ago, Steve Holmes expressed some of his reservations about arguments and our attempts to win them in a post on his blog (which you should be following). Although he firmly believes that truth is a matter of … Continue reading

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