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The Top Sixty Evangelical Theologians

Over on the Center for Pastor Theologians (well worth following), there has been a discussion of the most influential evangelical theologians and scholars of the past fifty years. Two lists were drawn up by Gerald Hiestand: one an initial list … Continue reading

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New Twitter Account for My Latest Links

This blog has been relatively inactive over the last few months. The one thing that has been fairly consistent has been my weekly links posts. Having reflected upon my use of time over the last month, however, I have decided … Continue reading

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Holy Trinity Brompton and the New Form of British Evangelicalism

Andrew Wilson has a fascinating post on his blog on the subject of the ‘new centre of British evangelicalism.’ Within it he argues that, while there are parts of British evangelicalism that are not within the ambit of its direct … Continue reading

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Some Rough and Unordered Thoughts on Church Leadership

Over the last few days, for a variety of reasons, I have had cause to think about the issue of leadership again, and the issue of church leadership more particularly. A number of conversations I have participated in have discussed … Continue reading

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Hear Me Out: On Sitting Through Sermons

Donald Miller recently admitted to attending church irregularly. Church services really don’t scratch him where he itches: singing leaves him flat and he doesn’t learn much from sermons. He argues that he is not alone in this, suggesting (controversially) that … Continue reading

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Return from Dormancy

The blog is temporarily returning from dormancy, although I probably won’t be that active on it over the next few months. You also may or may not have noticed that I am currently posting links on Delicious. You can find … Continue reading

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