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Secularization in Christianity’s Opposition to Pornography?

Sociological Images (well worth following, by the way) has just posted this fascinating piece on changes in Christian discourse in opposition to pornography: Sociologist Jeremy Thomas tested this proposition, looking at changes in how authors writing for the popular magazine Christianity … Continue reading

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Response to Hannon on Heterosexuality

Over on Mere Orthodoxy, Matthew Lee Anderson has written a helpful response to Michael Hannon’s recent First Things piece ‘Against Heterosexuality’. I read Hannon’s piece over a week ago and had a number of concerns about it when I did … Continue reading

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Why We Shouldn’t Trust Our Stories

Earlier today, Derek Rishmawy posted a piece entitled ‘My Evangelical Story Isn’t So Bad (Or, a Ramble on Experience, Biography, & Theology)’. Within it he discusses his generally positive experience of growing up as an evangelical and how this colours … Continue reading

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Priestly Service in Romans 6

A few weeks ago I heard a sermon on Romans 6:15-23, during which a number of questions were raised in my mind about the way that the passage should be read. Seeing the second half of Romans 6 referenced in … Continue reading

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Continuing Discussion of Women, Theology, and Representation

A few days ago, I wrote a lengthy post entitled Women, Theology, and Representation, which discussed the place of female theologians in evangelical theology. The intention of the piece was to raise some issues for discussion and debate, presenting some … Continue reading

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The Davenant Trust

The Davenant Trust has just been launched. Its mission is described as follows: We aim to equip evangelical and Reformed Christians today for church leadership, civic participation, and faithful discipleship in other vocations as responsible citizens, by encouraging scholarly research … Continue reading

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Why Religious People Are Ashamed of Porn

Marc over at Bad Catholic has a great post discussing the claim that religious people’s shame destroys their experience of sexuality. Discussing the relationship between the fact that religious people feel more shame about pornography yet supposedly have greater enjoyment … Continue reading

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Women, Theology, and Representation

Perhaps one of the most striking features of the list of the sixty most influential evangelical theologians that was recently posted here (which I took from Gerald Hiestand, over at the Center for Pastor Theologians) was the virtual absence of … Continue reading

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Review of K. Scott Oliphint’s ‘Covenantal Apologetics’

Over on The Calvinist International, my friend Joseph Minich has written a long and thoughtful review of K. Scott Oliphint’s recent book, Covenantal Apologetics. Within the review Joseph engages critically with presuppositional apologetics in the Van Tillian tradition. Here is … Continue reading

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Chris Seitz on the Biblical Crisis in the Homosexuality Debates

I have been an appreciative reader of Chris Seitz for several years now. My reading of Seitz has chiefly been driven by my interest in Brevard Childs’ canonical approach, of which Seitz is one of the leading and most articulate … Continue reading

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