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James K. A. Smith, Peter Enns, and the Evolution of Adam

There is a feature of Enns’ argument that could easily go unnoticed only because it is so ubiquitous: his account is entirely “from below.”  That is, Enns’ argument is predicated on the working assumption that the meaning of the Scriptures … Continue reading

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The Whore and the Bible

In a recent post, Richard Beck discusses the Madonna/Whore dynamic, arguing for its presence within the biblical text, especially within the book of Revelation. As I often find with Richard’s posts, he raises lots of the right questions, yet I … Continue reading

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Most Popular Posts (and a few neglected ones)

I realize that I haven’t blogged for over a week. I doubt that I will blog much if at all in the next couple of weeks either. Due to constraints of time and energy, current demands of work, and a … Continue reading

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Modest is Hottest?

I have had reason to think about the subject of modesty recently, and would really appreciate hearing the thoughts and perspectives of my blog readers on the subject. A few preliminary remarks, before opening the discussion up. First, discussions of … Continue reading

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Tertullian on Male Grooming

If it is true, (as it is,) that in men, for the sake of women (just as in women for the sake of men), there is implanted, by a defect of nature, the will to please; and if this sex of ours acknowledges to itself deceptive trickeries of form peculiarly its own—(such as) to cut … Continue reading

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Scripture as Performance

During my absence over Lent, a couple of guest posts of mine on the subject of Scripture were posted over on A Borrowed Flame. They give a rough sketch of some thoughts on a different way to approach and think … Continue reading

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Some Pictures From Lent

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Happy Easter!

O Death, where is your sting? O Hades, where is your victory?

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