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Word Limits

Pondering the idea of setting myself word limits for posts in the future. Within the past 24 hours I have posted about 10,000 words here. I doubt that (m)any people will have read them through.

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Reposted Fragmenta Gems

Matt Colvin has recently transferred a number of posts from his old Fragmenta blog onto his new Colvinism blog. This has given us the chance to revisit a number of real gems. Here are a few of his posts which … Continue reading

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Scottish Gay Marriage Consultation

Over on Archbishop Cranmer’s blog, His Grace observes: Hitherto, we have been led to believe that the consultation in Scotland on the introduction of ‘gay marriage’ was a matter for the Scots alone: no-one else in any corner of the … Continue reading

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Some Lengthy Thoughts on Women Leadership

Part 2: A Closer Examination of Junia, The Female Apostle Part 3: Representation and Ordination: Of Sons and Wives Having just read McKnight’s book, Junia is Not Alone, after reading Steve Holmes’ review on his blog, I have rather mixed feelings. McKnight … Continue reading

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