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Of Playing Taboo and Unpacking Suitcases

Steve Holmes has some helpful comments on the complementarian/egalitarian debate here, raising questions about the possibility of forging areas of common ground between advocates of the positions. It is very late here, and I am not sure how coherent the … Continue reading

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The Ideal King

The ideal king would be rather like the king in chess: the most useless piece on the board, which occupies its square simply to prevent any other piece from doing so, but which is somehow still the whole game. There … Continue reading

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Abortion and Personhood

Reframing the Question of Personhood The question of personhood rightly lies at the centre of debates over the issue of abortion. However, the way that this question is posed is seldom either helpful or illuminating. The concept of personhood that … Continue reading

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Protestantism, Eucharistic Participation in Christ’s Flesh, and Transubstantiation

It is popularly supposed in certain quarters that the general denial of transubstantiation among Protestants and particularly by the Reformers was occasioned by a resistance to the ideas of the ‘Real Presence’ of Christ in the Eucharist, or to the … Continue reading

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New Exodus

The concept of a New Exodus is commonly encountered in the field of New Testament scholarship: Christ defeats the Pharaoh, delivers us from slavery, and brings us into the promise. This theme is significant and illuminating, yet one thing that … Continue reading

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In Which Alastair Takes The Inadvisable Step of Making Comments On Economics

Richard Beck has posted some rough and rambling thoughts on the subject of capitalism, socialism, and politics. Although I have some more serious posts planned for the future on other subjects, I thought that, rather than leaving the blog dormant … Continue reading

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