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New Definitions

Check out this hilarious list. I may even try to find ways to work some of these words into my regular vocabulary.

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The Free Will Song

[For personal reference, in case I ever wonder why I am not an ‘Arminian’. Admittedly, some of the comments responding to the video on Youtube and elsewhere might cause me to question why I should ever want to consider myself … Continue reading

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NTW on the Gay Adoption Row

N.T. Wright comments on the recent refusal of exemption to Roman Catholic adoption agencies on anti-discrimination legislation. There is no way that the Catholic Church is going to change its mind on this one given 18 months or so. This … Continue reading

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Siouxlands Presbytery Study Committee Report

The affirmations and denials are not all directed at specific statements of FV/NPP advocates. The reason for this is that just about every single time someone says “The FV says this,” FV proponents say “no, they don’t.” So, many of … Continue reading

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Eating and Drinking in John 6 Redux

Just when I thought that this old post had gone into the cryogenic storage of the distant archives, it has been reanimated with new discussion. A number of issues are addressed, including that of whether a reference to the Eucharist … Continue reading

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10 Theses on B.B. Warfield

Ben Myers on B.B. Warfield.

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Most Important Theological Works of the Last 25 Years

The results are finally in. I voted for both Zizioulas and von Balthasar, so I am very happy to see that they occupy the top spots (I treated my selection of books as three books that I wanted to see … Continue reading

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Anti-Wright Bullshit

There are a few things that make me really angry. People who throw around accusations and insinuations of heresy without bothering to get their facts straight first or without seeking to read those they criticize carefully and charitably rank very … Continue reading

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So it has come to this…

Mark Horne argues for icons in worship.

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John 6 Debates

Over the last few days there has been a rather heated debate on John 6 raging in certain quarters of the blogosphere. Whilst the tone of the debate has generally left much to be desired, the interpretation of John 6 … Continue reading

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