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The Free Will Song

[For personal reference, in case I ever wonder why I am not an ‘Arminian’. Admittedly, some of the comments responding to the video on Youtube and elsewhere might cause me to question why I should ever want to consider myself … Continue reading

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NTW on the Gay Adoption Row

N.T. Wright comments on the recent refusal of exemption to Roman Catholic adoption agencies on anti-discrimination legislation. There is no way that the Catholic Church is going to change its mind on this one given 18 months or so. This … Continue reading

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Siouxlands Presbytery Study Committee Report

The affirmations and denials are not all directed at specific statements of FV/NPP advocates. The reason for this is that just about every single time someone says “The FV says this,” FV proponents say “no, they don’t.” So, many of … Continue reading

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