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So What is the Federal Vision?

Joel asks. Does anyone have any good answers? Stephen?

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A Century of Centuries

Graeme Hick was my childhood sporting hero. I was born in the city of Worcester and, although I only lived there for a couple of months, my identification with my county of origin was kept strong, in large part through … Continue reading

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Going Dark

Whilst I had intended to post a lengthy post on the subject of election and limited atonement, I have been feeling unwell over the last few days and never managed to do it. I have been working less and less … Continue reading

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Surname Profiler

This site is a lot of fun for anyone living in or coming from the UK. It will tell you how high status your surname is (click on ‘Geographical Location’ over the map), and all sorts of other pieces of … Continue reading

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Support pro-life organizations through a Google-powered search engine. payday need loan i a immediately Scientific literature is mixed on the dangers of talking on payday need loan i a immediately versus those of talking with a passenger, with the Accident … Continue reading

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For all the Pedants

My brother Jonathan showed me this blog post, dealing with the silly claim that one should not end a sentence with a preposition (like those who insist that we have no right to freely split our infinitives). This particular sentence … Continue reading

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Garrison Keillor on Liturgy

The following is a quote from an interview with Garrison Keillor [HT: Michael S]: Having grown up in the Evangelical, sort of free-form fundamentalist church, I love the liturgical church where we say words together that are not my words … Continue reading

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Wright in Birmingham

From here: ‘Christian Mission in a Pagan Culture’ A day with Bishop Tom Wright Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham Saturday 17th June 2006 10am – 4pm £18 (unwaged £12) – bring your own lunch Is British culture Christian, secular – … Continue reading

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Full marks for effort, but I don’t think that this will win many men over…

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Dilettantes and the Bible

Jim West is absolutely right, such people have no right to be interpreting the Bible. However, that said, I am not sure that I trust most biblical scholars with the task of interpreting the Bible either. As Stanley Hauerwas observes, … Continue reading

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